So I’ve Got These Tree Stumps

And I was really excited about them… until this interview.



Tour an Old Remodeled Farm House in Spain

I stayed in the part where the animals used to live.



Men and Women are Different, Decor is a Battle Not Often Discussed

I interviewed men and women… and it is hilarious!

I Love this Inexpensive DIY Wood Floor

It costs less than Pergo and looks better than some wood floors. Introducing the plywood challenge.



Buying a Home Takes Many Twists and Turns

My hunt for my first home has definitely been an adventure. The list of things to think about is crazy!



Quickly Learn How to Make Pottery Like a Pro

I thought learning how to make pottery was out of reach and too expensive until now. It’s affordable AND great for mental health. We could all use a little of that.



Color Your Way to a Happy Life

There’s a new craze that sounds kinda silly at first, but hear me out.

Party Like a True DIYer

If you like to paint and you like to party, or just get together with friends, here’s an idea you may want to consider. Throw your own painting party!



Paint Your Own Perfect Abstract Art

You don’t have to be a professional painter to create your own beautiful piece of art for above the mantel. Just a few easy tips and your on the way to creating your own perfect abstract painting.



Renovation Hurdles Turn Dream Home into Nightmare

Imagine anything that could possibly go wrong while trying to re-do a house and it probably happened to Lyndsi Dooley. This is a story you need to hear if you’ve ever dreamed about remodeling a house.


It’s the Thought that Creates a Great Quilt Quilting is making a huge comeback with the repurposed movement. The desire to reuse what we already have is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next couple of decades.



Pottery Isn’t for Sissies, Pretty Two-Tour Veteran Says So!

I’m often surprised while doing interviews with DIYers. Sometimes, it just takes the right question. Everyone has a story. Here’s the story of a woman after two tours overseas that I will never forget. DIY is actually changing lives!



Veterans Create Work of Art from a War Reminder

The Combat Paper Project is a unique DIY project that helps veterans and their families create something beautiful out of something that can be a reminder of dark times.



How Pinterest Changed the DIY World

Just typing the word “crafts” make me cringe. Let’s just say making crafts didn’t make you the most popular kid in school when I was growing up. That isn’t the case anymore and Pinterest played a big role in the shift.



Home Needs Change with Career and Children

Life changes. Couples fall in love.. get married.. buy a house.. have a baby.. get promotions and look for a bigger house. It’s the American dream. And the home dream changes right along with it.



Worst Part of Floor Remodel isn’t Cost

I never realized how remodeling the floor could disrupt daily lives until recently. Replacing the floor and paying for it is just the beginning. Here’s one enlightening story… as well as my own personal nightmare.



Designer Solves Basement Dilemmas

Basements present many challenges, especially if you have children. The space is often used for leftover furniture and unused exercise equipment. Here’s one success story.



Balancing Cost and Impact of a Fireplace Remodel

I set out to see if remodeling the fireplace is important to homeowners and potential buyers. I was a little surprised. The fireplace is a focal point, but may not be the most important eye catcher.



Secrets and Tips on Painting a Canvas

I never knew about all of the paint and paintbrush options available for artists interviewing Rebekah Stephenson. First, she shared something that I have heard from many artists. They all have moments of feeling like…. well, holy crap this is intimidating.



Balance Cost and Impact of a Fireplace Remodel

I recently set out to see if remodeling the fireplace is cost effective in the value of your home. Do other people care?


Easy, Inexpensive Wall Mural

I’ve always wanted to paint a wall mural. I never thought I could do it… until now. All you need is a pencil, a projector, acrylic paint and one brush.



Create Your Own Reading Nook

Life is so crazy. A little space dedicated to quiet time sounds so inviting. Courtney and Brent, with Gray House Studio picked the perfect spot for a reading nook. They also created a barn door to replace the boring door that came with their first home.



Let’s Get Organized Together! It’s Time

Organized isn’t a word I would use to describe myself, but I’m learning. I’m sharing my story and tracking down expert advice.



Not an Artist? No Problem

Interior decorators talk a lot about adding artwork to your home. Until you can afford to buy a collection, here’s how to use everything from magazines to a mannequin.



Discover How to Transform Even an Ugly and Dark Rental

Fake wood paneling haunts the walls of many homes in need of a little (or a lot) of DIY lovin.’ Christina worked miracles on a rental property she owns. Now, I’m a true believer in the power in a can of paint.



Remodel Tips that Stand the Test of Time

The quickest way to tell the age of a home is the tile and sink in the bathroom. Michelle Van Dam, owner of The Design Shoppe, surprised me with her advice.



Death, Décor and Divorce

Home decor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when experiencing the death of a loved one or divorce, but the words do have a correlation. Starting over is difficult and liberating. Here’s a private conversation on the topic.



How to DIY Party Hair

Whether you have a birthday party at home or a New Year’s Eve celebration on Times Square… heck, you may just want to feel beautiful tinkering around the house. If you aren’t great at styling your hair, it’s ok. We’ve got you covered. Here are some simple ideas to keep in mind to look and feel fabulous.


Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask an Interior Decorator

Looking at websites for interior designers can be so intimidating. Yes… they are beautiful AND way out of my budget. This week we’re talking about interior designers for real people. I asked the taboo questions like… how much and how little cash can you spend?



Solve Your Christmas Décor Dilemmas

Christmas decor has changed a lot since I was a little girl. Terri with TLK Interiors talks about solutions on incorporating the old with the new and how to overcome challenges when you don’t have the perfect picture window for the tree.

Inexpensive Countertop Solutions

Your countertop says a lot about you… your style, how much you like to cook and even how much you like to or don’t like to clean. It’s one of the main aspects of your home that people notice. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Start with these ideas and you could save a lot of cash.



Best Gift Ever Doesn’t Cost Anything

I started making documentaries for loved ones when I was a television news reporter fifteen years ago. At the time, you had to a have access to that kind of equipment, or pay a big chunk of cash. These days it’s simple and everyone can do it. Trust me here. I’ll walk you through each step.



Décor that Inspires and Calms

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you love to DIY and decorate your space? Does is really matter? It does to a former fashion journalist for the Seattle Times and blogger for Her After. Rachael shares the story of how her cancer story led to her love of life and decor.



Aha Moment on How to Mix and Match Decor

One phrase that drives DIYers crazy (like myself) when arranging home decor is “mix and match.” I finally got it recently while interviewing the owner of Main Street Interiors. The shop owner described the deep history… and that’s all it took!



How to Paint Everything from Ceilings to Tile

Some DIYers are willing to take more risks than others. Cari Vandiver isn’t afraid to push limits, which means we can all learn from her successes and mistakes. In this episode, Cari explains her bold tangerine ceiling and the old tile she painted in her shower… and more.

Discover How the Paint Industry Chooses Colors

Most of us go to the store and pick out a wall paint color without ever knowing the fascinating story behind how those colors get to store shelves. Here’s one of the leading world experts on how she comes up with color trends.

How to Sell Artwork and Crafts Online

I’ve been a busy little DIY investigator lately, gathering the best advice and resources for experienced and brand new artists. I started with an artist close to my childhood. He’s alive?! And lives down the street.

Decorate Like an Original Mod50’s Home

Glamorous movies in the 1950s took the interior home design to everyday homes across the country. The Mid-Century design recently made a huge comeback. In this conversation, you’ll hear about one original neighborhood in the middle of the U.S. and how to recreate the look.



Make Your Own Beautiful Vintage, Repurposed Bouquet

I’ve never seen anything like the bouquet in Gina Hosey’s wedding picture. I haven’t spoken to her in decades, but couldn’t get that picture out of my head for days. I found a photo of the arrangement (she made herself) while trolling around on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.

OPI Nail Color Now Available in Wall Paint

The answer to your wishy-washy wall color dilemma has arrived…. and you can find it at Ace Hardware! Who knew? The new OPI nail color palette by Clark+Kensington is now available at 3,200 Ace Hardware stores nationwide.


Best Darn Yarn Arm Knitting Tutorial

The story I’m about to share will hopefully inspire you. I’m thrilled with my friend Carrie Everett’s sudden success. She posted one single video on YouTube and launched new career.



Buy, Sell or Rent Home Goodies Galore

There’s a type of shopping experience that is really taking off in my area that you may be seeing as well. If not yet, then maybe soon. Think… antique mall, but better, more modern with dozens of different artists filling rows and rows of booths on two stories of a charming street-front store.




Veterans Use Uniforms and Art to Help Heal

The Combat Paper Project is a unique DIY project that helps veterans and their families create something beautiful out of something that can be a reminder of dark times.




Closet Trends Match Busy Lives

Imagine being able to actually move around your closet with everything you own neatly displayed in full view. What a concept!

Designer Tips on Bookcases, Curtain and Pets

Interior Designer Kristen Rockwood shares how to stage a bookcase…. as well as how to DIY a dual-purpose pet kennel and what not to do when hanging curtains.