DIY-April-OriginalI dream of a perfect career, family and home. But, let’s get real. That’s crap.

As I write this, I’m in dire need of a mani-pedi. My trash can is overflowing and I just tripped on the way up the stairs. Oh… and my recent attempt at Botox makes me look like Jack Nicholson when I try to raise my eyebrows (yeah I tried Botox).

Life is so hectic these days and we’re expected to be perfect in every way. Our children should look like a Gap commercial. Our marriages are pure bliss and our homes spotless. Television shows and websites claiming to be for DIYers only add to the unattainable ideal.

I have a passion for DIY and decor, but I’m a novice. I screw up a lot and celebrate very few successes. I’m goofy, sometimes cheesy… and determined to figure out real solutions for people like you and me.

My expertise comes from 15 years as a journalist. I’m a news reporter by day and an interior design dreamer by night. I can track down the experts, or interview beginners who are experiencing brand new success.

And don’t expect flashy vocabulary please. I’m not here to make myself sound smart. Short and simple is the goal for my communication style here.

You’ll also hear a lot about the fine line between DIY and when you need to throw in the towel and hire a professional.

We HAVE to do this together with a little patience, the ability to screw it up and keep going and laughter… lots of laughter.

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