pic10Studies show that people exposed to natural light are more productive, achieve a better sense of well-being and are more positive.

Adding natural light inside a Mid Century home is paramount.

My California style fixer upper has gorgeous large windows across the back of the house.

Still, there wasn’t enough light.

The living room and kitchen were dark, partly due to the enclosed patio that the previous owner built.


Here was their solution. The glass door does add light, but bloody hell that’s an ugly garage!


I’ve always loved skylights, but I don’t want to worry about leaking.

So… a few months ago I met David Perkins. He owns a Solatube franchise.

I thought I’ll be an easy customer. Actually, I’m David’s worst nightmare.

I live in the dark… don’t even turn on the bathroom light when I’m getting ready in the morning.

And yes, sometimes I get home at night, look in the mirror and think… really? I spent all day with my lipstick on only the half of my upper lip and no one said anything?

So David Perkins comes over to install two Solatubes.

On the way out the door he tells me if I’m not happy with the light, he’ll come back.

I laughed at “those” people, then ate my words a few days later.

“That’s why we’ve got choices,” said Perkins. “Because it really does make it nice to be able to get it to your comfort level. And different people view light differently.”

The Solatubes come in 10 and 14 inches.

“Depending on the size and the shape of the room, kind of determines what is going to work best for you as far as nice even light. In your case we went with two ten-inch.”

It only took David about three hours to install everything and they’re very energy-efficient.

“Unlike a regular skylight, they install a lot simpler. They are totally maintenance free.”

The Solatubes have an airtight seal.

“Which means that no bugs, dust or debris is going to be able to get inside there.”

Plus, there isn’t any heat. David says the easiest way to describe it is like a double pane window.

And they don’t leak. pic6

“Until a person gets a new roof put on their house, we just never have any problems with them.”

It’s going to really be huge when I tear down the light between the kitchen and living room.

They cost around $600 a piece for the 10-inchers.

I also want to add that David showed up right on time and responded immediately to my concerns. He was also very kind to Teeny (my little doggie).

If I can find other contractors just like him for the other areas of my fixer upper, I would be a happy little lady.