rachel27I didn’t realize how Mid Century Modern is weaved into every type of home and office until I interviewed Holli Woodward, a real estate agent with Keller Williams and owner of a home with MCM style.

“It’s basically a nationwide trend,” said Woodward.

Holly says MCM is in every decor store and on every kind of decorating television show.

You can find even find the clean lines and messy free style in traditional homes.

It doesn’t matter the age of your home either.

“Driving down the street most people wouldn’t realize how many homes really do have a Mid Century Modern flare inside.”

I love MCM because my life is so busy. I want to come home to a simple, yet beautiful home.

“In a high stress world, to walk into something with clean lines that is simple is very appealing to the senses after we’ve sat behind a desk all day or going 90 miles an hour.”

Think about a traditional home you’ve seen lately… maybe it’s your own. Odds are you already have a touch of MCM.

“The appliances will look a little more streamlined. Or they’ll have the backsplash that leans more toward that style, but yet they’ll still pull in some of the traditional elements.”

Most traditional homes in my area have vaulted ceilings and wood beams. That’s actually Mid Century!

Furniture is also reverting back to the 1950s.

rachel32People are tired of bulky, traditional matchy-matchy furniture.

“Instead of the heavy thick couches, they’re having the leather streamlined chairs… just simple.”

The next couple of things you are about to read may rock your world, but think about how much money you’ll save.

Think of yourself as a MCM trailblazer.

Here goes… if you want to add instant MCM decor, take down heavy draperies and go bare.

I know it’ll feel kinda like wearing white after Labor Day, but just try it.

You can still use blinds. Plus, windows are simple without any obstructions.

“Changing windows… having a lot less panes.”

It’s all about bringing as much natural light as possible. This may sound weird, but I was never into natural light before. I liked recessed lights and lamps.

Click play below to hear more on how to create MCM decor with Holli Woodward.


Also, that thick white crown molding we’ve all been in love with for decades… that comes down and the color goes back to the natural wood.

Another aspect of MCM decor is light fixtures that are big statement pieces. I’m in love with the atomic fixtures like this Sputnik beauty.

The color of the walls are definitely a new turn of events for me as a color addict. I couldn’t stand white walls until now.

LightFor the first time in my 40 years on earth, I bought a bucket of white paint for my 1950s fixer upper.

The bright pops of color are added with artwork and pillows.

“It has some contemporary flair to it, yet I feel like it has a bit more approachable style. And it’s a lot of fun.”

Fun! That’s another big reason I’m drawn to MCM. I like the quirky pop art and funny little accents.

Oh, another trend Holly is seeing lately… eliminating ceiling fans. Now, I know it’s one of the first thing potential home buyers look for, but you don’t have to put one in every room.

I’d start with the dining room. Who needs lukewarm food anyway. Right?

There is one drawback that I’ve experienced myself lately. Tracking down the right decor for the right price is time-consuming. The original Sputnik chandelier goes for around $2,000. Lowe’s now has a replica for about $200, but it’s much smaller and not as detailed.

Since I’m basically starting from square one, I’ll have to learn to have patience AND enjoy the journey.