And I was really excited about them, until a recent interview. Now I’m torn.

Let’s take a step back for a moment so you can understand my thought process. #scary

I wanted to bring nature into my home, and honestly became disgusted with the overpriced and cheaply made coffee tables I looked at in stores and online.

There was this blog… an interior decorator transformed tree trunks into an elegant and sturdy masterpiece for next to nothing.

They were painted with several coats of white paint.

A few months later, my friend Cathy called me and said her husband was removing a bunch of tree stumps from their land.

I could have as many as I wanted. Two please! Her hubby even cut them for me so they were even. Rachel-Headshot

Once I got the bark off,  the natural coloring was so beautiful that I couldn’t stand to paint them.

Then…. THEN…. I talked to Rachel about her natural stumps. Oh my ga!

Rachel is my new neighbor. I set up the interview to talk about her lovely Mid Century remodeled home.

However, my jaw dropped when we walked into her bedroom and she started to describe the upkeep on her natural tree stump bedside tables.

“Bugs will come out over the course of a month,” said Rachel. “There’s tiny little spiders that you can’t see and then there’s other bugs that come out.”

Bugs!!! Aw hell naw!  “You’ve got to let them cure for four to six weeks minimum.”

Even after Rachel stored the trunks in her garage, there were a few surprises.

“You can put bug repellent underneath because there will still be some stuff that comes out.”

Rachel didn’t use paint, but polyurethane top keep the wood vibe. She likes to go natural, so she uses essential oils to fight off bugs and moisturize the wood.

“I just put a couple cotton balls under there doused in lavender and peppermint.”

She tries to moisturize every six months.

“I need to moisturize it because some of the cracks are getting a little worse.”

rachel22This next step is EXTREMELY important!!!!

“Get the furniture casters that you nail in, because you want it to be able to breath a bit. And then you put aluminum foil underneath.”

Rachel moved the stumps and found a little… present.

“I moved it the other day to clean around it and the foil underneath had tree sap on it, which would ruin your floors.”

Now keep in mind, Rachel is a young beautiful brunette. And she’s extremely busy with work and an active social life.

When I arrived, she had her mowing outfit on so she could take care of that PLUS the interview in about an hour and a half before she moved on to her next scheduled thing that day.

And I was there at like 8:30 on a Saturday morning. So, the fact that she takes time to keep up with the tree stumps on the side of her bed amazes me. I don’t know how she finds enough time for everything.

Plus, Rachel is a hardcore DIYer and decorator and she had a lot of work to do on her new home, before and after moving in.

Click play below to hear how Rachel lived after a storm removed her roof. She also talks about her unique backyard fence.



Rachel is a determined little lady. The story of how she found the tree trunks is hilarious.

“There’s a guy a block down the street to the east who was cutting down a tree and had these two perfect pieces.”

So Rachel, dressed in a pretty little sundress, stopped to ask if the stumps were up for grabs.

“He was kind of weirded out at first. He only let me have one.”

Two weeks later the other stump was still sitting there. The guy finally agreed to give it to Rachel.

I appreciate Rachel’s enthusiasm for keeping it real and natural.

Unfortunately, I’m a big sissy and can’t  get past bugs and sap that could ruin the original 1950s wood floor in my new fixer upper.

Now, you have to see the before and after pics of her house. It’s incredible.