I expected to learn a lot while searching for my first home. However, I didn’t think I’d learn more about me.

The best news is I’m not as weird as I thought. Looking for a fixer upper opened my eyes.

I documented the strangest room in a video during one home tour.


I still can’t figure out the vision behind the room.

My realtor, Bert Williams, and I set out a couple of months ago to find my perfect abode.

I didn’t know exactly which part of town I wanted to plant roots, so we had a lot of houses to tour.

“That’s not really unusual for a first time home buyer,” said Williams. “You kind of have to get used to what is out there. Every time you go to a house, even if you don’t buy it, you learn something.”

I finally fell in love with one of the homes. It’s in one of the most unique neighborhoods in the country. The Lortondale neighborhood was the design of an architect out of California in the 1950s.

He brought the California style to the middle of the country with a lot of natural light and Mid Century style, along with the very first homes with central air conditioning.

Click the video below to tour the house and its funny little characteristics.


In my head, I had already moved in… even had my furniture arranged and which bedroom would be the craft room/audio booth.

I told Bert to make an offer. The next day I wasn’t expecting the news. Someone had a contract on the house, even when we were in it. Plus, people from as far away as Washington wanted it too!

That’s when I learned the good, bad and the ugly about my personality.

I’m decisive, which sounds like a good trait until you’re told no. I couldn’t except another buyer. I asked Bert if he could call the realtor and offer more money. He said….”Ugh no. That’s really not ethical.”

I felt like stomping my feet and throwing a fit like a child. That was MY house.

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In other words, I’m demanding, controlling and very impatient. All three are going to be a challenge with the house I will soon own.

I asked Bert, “The house that I ended up getting… would you have picked that in the beginning”?

He said, “For you? I would not have… not at all.”

Me either. I probably would have turned up my nose at the 1950s gem left vacant after the homeowner passed away.

“Most people, if they were to go in and tell you how did you know this was my house, they won’t be able to tell you.”

I can’t say exactly why I am emotionally connected to my home either.

“A lot of times they don’t know, but it just feels right. It’s their home. It’s interesting how that works.”

Click play below to hear my realtor describe the learning adventure and what you can expect with the asking price.



The home needs a lot of demolition and updates. But, it’s clean and, if I can be patient, will be a beautiful Mid Century beauty.

My plan is to take it back to it’s heyday. It’s going to take a lot of work and it won’t happen overnight.

I’m going to need to dig deep into my over-decorating DIY soul and be content with slow, but steady progress.

People don’t see what I see. I stopped showing pictures to friends, family and coworkers who didn’t see my vision. They weren’t impressed and I was over it.

Here’s one thing I just learned today. I was still sleeping when my phone started dinging with a group text message.

Mom had recently found a picture of the 1950s home she and my aunts shared as children in the middle of nowhere Kansas.

Mom-HouseSmith Center is surrounded by wheat fields for as far as the eye can see.

The outside of the home has been changed quite a bit from the Mid Century style that my grandmother nailed.

It reminds me of my new home. All it needs is a little (or a lot) of love to shine again.

Several house after the group text message, a light bulb suddenly turned on in my head.

If I can find decor similar to Grammy’s, it would be so special. Plus, the hunt will keep me energized and determined… no matter how long it takes.

Now I feel even more reassured that this is the home I was destined to own.

I can’t wait to lovingly touch every inch of her… almost like she’s a breathing being that shelters me from harm.

Bert and I went back for another walk-through last week. I found myself running my hands over every surface and resting my cheek on every doorway as we planned her future.

Mark my words. She WILL be the envy of the naysayers and the most beautiful home in town (at least to me).

I’ll just have to take a deep breath when things don’t go exactly as planned.

I’ll end with one piece of advice for others looking for a home, whether it’s the first time or the last. Look at the nicer homes in the beginning and the fixer-uppers toward the end.

I almost made a bad decision looking at homes the other way around. Bert and I spent an entire day looking at dirty, dingy homes and by the time I toured a clean home in a nice neighborhood, I was desperate.