FridgeI had so much fun during the interviews for this week’s blog.

The differences between men and women are so funny, or scary depending on how you look at it.

We hear a lot about money, children and the hokey pokey, but not a lot about the struggles with home decor.

It’s a big deal! These days couples are waiting until they’re a little older to get married.

“You get set in your ways,” said my friend Kacy. “You’ve always had things your own way and then all of the sudden you have to be nice to this person that’s trying to change it.”

Kacy and her husband just bought their first home. He was more open to a fixer-upper. The young mother-to-be won that battle.

“This house that we actually moved into, is a flip house. So everything was completely brand new.”

The newlyweds had to compromise on the decor. Kacy wanted a couch so inviting that she could ignore the to-do list and comfortably spend the day binge watching Lifetime movies. p.s.- don’t act like you haven’t been there

Click play below to hear hilarious details revealed during the interview.


Then there’s the decor you bring into the marriage.

“There were a few things. He has a nice collection of baseball cards. Those are I believe hung up in the closet… his special ones.”

Kacy sacrificed too!

“I’m a huge Beatles fan. I had a Beatles Abbey Road framed picture and that didn’t seem to make the cut.”

Then there’s the items collected from ex-significant others that pose a whole new challenge.

sheshedWell… she could have made him thrown it away. I say bravo for compromising there. #clapping

The decor differences between men and women is just now starting to gain momentum. First the man cave was a thing. Now it’s the she shed or women’s den (my favorite).

To get a better perspective of how decor in relationships works, I tracked down one of my guy friends.

Billy and I have a lot in common. We’re both single, career minded and searching for our first home.

However, what we’re looking for in a house is night and day. His most prized piece of furniture is my worst decor-mare… the recliner.

“It’s the big overstuffed brown microfiber so I can spill on it. I can Febreeze it if it gets nasty.”

The beautiful leather sectional sits alone and untouched.

“I don’t think I’ve ever sat on the sectional and I’ve had it for three years.”

Hmmm… that makes the perfect Craigs List buy. I’ll have to keep that in mind in the future. says,  “In the olden days, he bought the house and you got to decorate it. But today, women have jobs and the places men shop have cool furniture.”

Billy wants a newer home and doesn’t mind the cookie cutter suburban neighborhoods.

“I wanted a new construction house… something ten years or newer,” said Billy. “So, that way I still had a warranty.”

I want something in an established neighborhood where every house is different with nice wide streets and a lot of shade from older trees.

Location is important to us both, but he actually thought about the distance to expressways. I’m thinking more about resale value.

BarMen think about a house in much simpler terms.

“If the house has windows. We look for that. If the house has a roof. We look for that.”

Billy is a bit of a jokester and talks about his favorite piece of decor.

“The biggest TV I could afford.”


His 60 inch plasma is the reason for the open floor plan.

“You can see it at every angle of the room with no problem.”

Billy can even see the TV from every spot in the kitchen (and yes he likes to cook).

Another area of the home of importance is the garage… something I haven’t thought about much. A two-car garage with the entrance to the attic was a must.

“Easier access and there’s less dirt in the house.”

If you think about it, or over-think it like women often do, a man’s home buying style can make life much simpler.

Take Billy’s bathroom trashcan for example. “A Walmart plastic bag on the door.”

As for appliances… “I like shiny things. All of my appliances are chrome.”

I gotta admit, sometimes the way a man thinks is way more fun than a woman’s multi-layered thought process.

“Once I get into the house, and I know that I own it, I can do whatever the hell I want to. If I want to make graffiti, I’m going to make graffiti.”

Don’t laugh, but I like the idea if done right. You know I’ll be at his place barking orders in no time at all!