another4I’ve never been so inspired by an interview to get up off of my butt and get busy before this week.

The teens I interview with a high level of art education are so much more refined than me at that age.

After all… I wore a bikini, cutoffs and no shoes in the summer.

I only remember one art class in school as a child. It was 6th grade and I felt lost.

After meeting Monae, I realize how much I missed.

The petite young lady, with flawless skin and thick long black hair, is ambitious.

I spoke with her at the graduation from the Tulsa Girls Art School.

“I came into the program because they chose me out of my art class,” said Monae.

The interview with the Monae was eye-opening. I was blown away by her maturity and her ease speaking in front of a microphone.

Monae is far better at interviewing than most adults I talk to for this podcast!

“I’ve been involved in this program since 5th grade,” said Monae. “And this year is my senior year.”

Click play below to hear more about Monae’s life and how another young artist is taking her love full-time.


I knew art was great for children before starting this blog/podcast, but had no idea about the REAL impact.

Monae and the other students are more worldly than students that only use textbooks to learn.

“We have summer trips. We visit real artists… go to museums.”


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The girls get to experience it all. “We’ve done painting. We’ve sewn, glass blowing, photography. Anything you can think of, we’ve done.”

Dang! Too bad there’s not a school for 40-year-olds. Well, ok there is, but not like that.

Monae is now enrolled in Oklahoma State University and plans to major in fashion design. Her interest in fashion shot to a new level at the art school.

“When I was younger, more of the styles I thought of were really childish or they didn’t cover much thought.”

The blooming fashion designer says the only thought was… oh that’s pretty!

“Now I’m thinking more. How can I make this possible? Will it be durable? Is this a realistic garment? Can I wear this places?”

Well good grief! I didn’t think that way until about 35.



“When I came to the art school, it inspired me more to go beyond common-likes of clothing, make it artist rather than what I liked.”

As Monae and I talk, I can’t help but admire what she’s wearing, a sleeveless number she designed. She credits Matt Moffett, the artist who started the all girls school.

“Matt knew about my interest in fashion, so he introduced me to some real fashion designers that gave me mentor help. And ever since then I’ve been making clothing.”

And she’s an amazing seamstress. Her clothing looks like the designer lines you see at your favorite store… maybe better.

Who knew that a teenager could do that? I can’t wait to see her career soar!