Coloring-Book5There’s a new craze that sounds kinda silly at first, but hear me out.

Adult coloring books! Why not?

Research shows that doodling improves focus and memory.

Even serious publications like the Wall Street Journal  covered the benefits.

An article in Huffington Post quotes psychologist Gloria Martínez Ayala who said, “When coloring, we activate different areas of our two cerebral hemispheres.”

Ayala said coloring involves coordination too.

Plus, “The relaxation that it provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, a basic part of our brain involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress.”

My friend and artist Rebekah Stephenson experienced the effects first-hand after working at a stressful job.

“That was how I would try to unwind and it was about three or four months before I quit. Every day I would come home and just draw and paint because I was so wound up and had to find some way to release,” said Stephenson.

Rebekah lit up when I asked her about coloring books for people who may not be artistic.

“Crayons can be a wonderful medium,” said Stephenson.

Chalk, watercolor and oil paints are much more daunting. Crayons and colored pencils on paper are soooo much less intimidating.

Click play below to hear ideas on how to create your own coloring book.



I Googled coloring books for grownups and entered a whole new world. There’s drinking and drawing and even some X-rated versions.

The activity first became popular in Europe. A french publisher has a line of coloring books for grownups called Art Therapy.

Thousands are available with one of the most popular called “The Secret Garden” from an artist in England. You can find them in book stores and online.

The books are now popular in the U.S., even outselling regular books.

Actor Russell Brand has a hysterical take on the soaring popularity of coloring for adults. He’s concerned that coloring book sales far outnumbers that of other books.


Still, that doesn’t deter me from wanting one.

I decided to check in with one of the most manly men I know to get his thoughts.

“I don’t think doodling is necessarily a masculine or feminine thing. I think coloring is a feminine thing (laughter).”

As children, most of you had paper and pencils readily available.

“We weren’t constantly surrounded by keypads and screens and always having to check emails and check social media.”

I won’t be pulling out a coloring book in my all male morning meetings at work just yet, but I may get one for my office.

Maybe one day coloring books will be my job… or your job.

It’s so popular that people are even making money throwing coloring parties.

Let your imagination soar and publish your own! Here’s how to get started.

Coloring-Book2Get creative. How about paper doll type book for people like me who love to create, but need a little guidance.

Here’s my first attempt at a coloring page that I would love.

Now THAT’s an inexpensive way to experiment with color for home decor.

You could also make the actual coloring book so beautiful that it’s irresistible.

I can’t take credit for that idea. Again… Rebekah Stephenson.

“If it turned into something more like something you put on your coffee table. Wouldn’t that be neat?”

Make a coloring book that’s so beautiful that it’s like Burberry decor.

What’s your passion? I bet others share it too. Draw it!! There’s nothing to lose.