cheryl1I’m learning as I shop around for a new house that many people already have beautiful things, but are losing the value because of where everything is placed.

I’m one of those freaks who loves re-arranging furniture.

However, there are consequences when moving everything around. You can damage furniture or floors.

That’s where Cheryl Honig comes in.

“It can be extremely costly and it can be stressful,” said Honig.

She created simple templates and it’s so inexpensive that you can’t lose.

“A set of templates that anyone can use, in any room of any size, style or value of home. And the user folds the templates to the dimensions of their own furniture.”

Her product is called Arrange It Once. You can also take the templates to the furniture store and give the exact dimensions of what you need.

“With my kit, you will always purchase the right kind of furniture the very first time.”

Cheryl learned first hand. “I moved from a 2,600 square foot single-family home to a 1,470 square foot high-rise apartment.”

Her daughter had just moved out for college. The reduced space was a concern.

Click play below to hear Cheryl Honig talk about difficulties arranging furniture in different floor plans.



“I did something a little crazy before I moved. I made newspaper templates of every single piece of my furniture.” It took days, but it worked.

A month later she had a party for friends and family and they were amazed at how everything fit perfectly into place.

“They said, ‘Cheryl how did you get all this furniture to fit so good?’ I said well I made these newspaper templates.”

The light bulb went off.  That was March 2013.

cheryl3Cheryl started Arrange It Once and began thinking about every aspect of a home and placing furniture. Things I haven’t thought about when searching for a new home.

“They don’t take into consideration where electrical outlets are or light switches or window or door frames or where the natural light comes in.”

Her templates are like a mathematical equation with all of the factors involved. Business is picking up and hopefully will continue.

“I have a lot of interest from retailers.”

Moving companies, storage companies and of course big box stores like Home Depot are right on target (hmmmm… Target).

“I need to increase my sales before they really take interest in me and give me a purchase order, but I’m going for it.”

Oh! The templates are only $20 plus shipping and handling. I think we can handle that!

At the very least, the templates can give the movers a starting point to give your back a break.

The kit comes with 23 templates, including a 10 ft. tape measure that has a level, sticky notes, pen and belt clip.