rebekah6If you like to paint and you like to party, or just get together with friends, here’s an idea you may want to consider.

Remember Rebekah Stephenson from a previous blog post? She’s a talented artist who recently quit her job to work on her painting full-time.

I knew I had a big birthday coming up and wanted to do something special… something just for me and my friends.

Rebekah agreed to do a private painting party.

She had to kinda wing it. We were her very first students. She brought everything but the wine and food.

“Everything else is up to the hostess, whatever she wants to do,” said Stephenson. “It’s her house.”

We set up tables outside of a beautiful home near downtown Tulsa… my friend Beth’s house.

Click play below to hear what we learned from Rebekah and when you can hear me sing on stage. #nervous



What made the night even more special is the picture we painted.

The Philtower is a historic building in downtown Tulsa (where I live). Beth’s family owns the beautiful Art Deco skyscraper.

“I really love what you did when you picked the Philtower because it meant something to someone in the group. I think it would be really neat to do that for different groups.”

I was a little ambitious. The Philtower is a difficult building to portray. (The photo below is me in a painting ninja pose).

Rebekah1“I think sometimes people will see my work and be like… ‘Oh I want to do that.’ Well, we only have two hours.”

We took three hours and could have used another hour or two.

It’s one thing I’ll keep in mind next time. Of course, I’m already planning the next paint party.

“I loved how everyone had their own style to their painting. It wasn’t like they took my painting and had their own carbon copies.”

You CAN go to one of the shops popping up like wildfire all over the country. I love those too, but this is a different option for just you and the people you know.

“I really like the idea of people being able to have these in their own homes in a place they’re comfortable with and be around their friends and have something fun to do.”

Plus, you can save a little cash by bringing in your own wine and other cocktails.

There was one moment in particular from that night that I will never forget.

“I loved that moment,” said Stephenson.

The paintings were complete and we were all saying our goodbyes. I was looking at all the different paintings when I spotted one that was incredible.

“We just looked at you like… oh that’s your painting.”

The painting was mine! I couldn’t believe it. We all laughed so hard that it hurt.

A week later I was at my dad’s place in Kansas when he said, “Honey, why did you paint such a skinny barn?”

rebekah5He was serious!

Dear Dad,

Just because a building is red doesn’t mean it’s a barn. Love April

So…. if a private paint party sounds like a good time, Facebook makes finding local artists easy. Call ’em up and ask them like I did.

I didn’t meet Rebekah until our first interview for this blog. If you’re from a small town like me, odds are you already know a local artist.

If you’re not comfortable with that, refer back to my blog post on painting an abstract.

It’s a great group project. I think it would be fabulous to get a canvas for each person and do each one as a group.

Every time you look at the painting you’ll think about those people.

We did our party in a driveway. Think outside of the box for venues. A barn would be an incredible setting, a rooftop, or maybe a picnic area at your local park.

Also, think about a wedding shower or team building event for work.

I’m trying to think of any excuse to do another one!

Here’s a link to contact Rebekah and check out her work.

Even if you don’t live close by, it would be amazing to fly her out and do a Rebekah-Palooza.

If I lived somewhere like Napa Valley, I’d seriously consider it.

How about a beach painting party? Whoa! Hello Heaven.

Maybe some day. Until then, I have my own little artist buddy and I plan on seeing a lot more of her in the future.

Oh, check out the Blue Dome Arts Festival. It’s every year in May and I never miss it.