I’m not usually one for checking out baby nurseries. I don’t have children.

However, the new trend is too fabulous to ignore. Elegant and chic… I even find myself browsing Pinterest baby rooms to get ideas for my own bedroom!

I wanted to dig a little deeper (for your children of course). šŸ˜‰

Lori5I found Lori Pruitt in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s a professional interior designer who happens to have several baby nursery projects working right now.

“I have a lot of friends who are either currently expecting or have little ones. And you know I have a four-year-old,” said Pruitt.

So… the picture on the right is her son’s room when he was a baby. See what I mean?

I could remove the crib, add my bed and would be thrilled.

“My thought process on a nursery, child’s room, anything… is at least get the basics in that you know are going to be able to grow with the child.”

First, concentrate on the big ticket items like furniture.

“Try and find furnishings that can grow with your child.”

For Lori’s baby room, she picked one expensive piece. They went with anĀ Eames rocker.

“It’s very different. Not your typical glider rocking chair, but it’s something that we splurged on.”

She’s clocked a lot of hours in that chair.

“A lot of more modern nurseries will have those in there. And I keep hearing the same thing… oh that can’t be comfortable. Well, it is.”

Lori6You’ve heard the phrase before… if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. If Lori loves it, the baby rocking on her lap will be thrilled.

Plus, late at night… when Lori’s sleep deprived… she can soothe her own mind with plans for her Eames rocker.

“When he’s done with it, it’s going to go right into the living room.”

Another money saving idea is to buy a convertible crib that can transform into a child’s bed.

And instead of a changing table, try a long dresser.

It adds storage and you can set up a changing table on top.

You don’t have to be a master decorator to follow this trend. Keep in mind that themes (like my Holly Hobby bedspread as a child) look dated.

Choose calm colors like light blue and gray.

You can still use pops of girlie or boyish colors, but save it for the accents that are easily removed.

“One of the nurseries that I’m working on right now, precious little nursery but it was just a little too precious. And the little girl is a year-and-a-half old and it’s outdated for her.”

Click play below to hear more on the plans for Lori’s client and how she wants to include nature. Plus, her secret sauce on how to keep rugs and upholstery clean.

[audioĀ Ā  http://www.buzzsprout.com/23503/261495-sophisticated-baby-nursery-lasts-for-years.mp3%5D


Matchy matchy themes are a thing of the past and that goes for any room.

I do have one little tip from my own experience.

A few years ago, my BF’s daughter had outgrown her wood bed with girlie painted accents. We shabby chicked it in white and added funky mismatched knobs… kind of like you can find at Anthropologie.

The furniture turned out great AND it was a great spending time getting know each other.

You can check out Lori’s services here. You can also use her flat rate online service.

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