Just typing the word “crafts” make me cringe. Let’s just say making crafts didn’t make you the most popular kid in school when I was growing up.

The new cool factor really hit me a few weeks ago during a private performance from a beautiful young country music rising star.

Here’s a short clip. You may need to click on video and the volume button to hear it.



In between songs, Kelsea Ballerini talked about writing her own music. The hip chick revealed that most of her inspiration comes from the quotes on Pinterest!

The digital sharing website is a big reason that the DIY world exploded. As of March 2015, Pinterest was valued at $11 billion.

The website has changed eating habits too. More people cook and the recipes are sometimes edgy. You can even look up how to make a cake that looks like blue methamphetamine after the show series Breaking Bad.

The Pew Research Center says close to 30 percent of adults use Pinterest.

I did my own little unscientific research on the topic and interviewed two young ambitious women with very different lives.


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City: Philadelphia

Age: 19

Career: College student at Temple University, studying kinesiology

Favorite craft projects: Word quotes on canvas, glitter mason jars and t-shirt quilts

“My favorite craft is canvas painting. I think it’s my favorite because every one you make can be so different. I like choosing different quotes and paint designs.”

Favorite quote: “Breath in. Breath out. Move on” – Jimmy Buffett

Money saving tip: Three canvas pack for $5 and acrylic paint at Walmart

Best craft tip: Always put a coat of Mod Podge over final mason jar to seal it in. For wine glass stems, spray a clear coat of Rustoleum.

Crafts sold in the past: Custom T-shirt quilts and glitter wine glasses on Etsy

Feelings on Pinterest: “I love Pinterest. I could spend hours and hours on there looking at things from DIY ideas to fashion to tips for school and job interviews.”

Why you like DIY: “I like DIY because it’s a way for me to express myself and it’s just fun!”

Why DIY is cool: “I think in this day and age, DIY is popular. Like in the sororities, girls are always doing crafts for their littles and stuff like that. Even though I’m not in a sorority, I still see a lot of people doing DIY also. It’s a great way for people to express their feelings and stay busy.”

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City: Tulsa

Age: 27

Career: News reporter/producer

Favorite craft projects: Painting anything!

First craft memory: “When my sister and I were about 10-years-old, we gathered up some old fabric and fluff and made little pillows out of them. They were hideous!”

Feelings on Pinterest: “A love/hate relationship! I wish I had more time to do all the cool things I find there, but am very appreciative of the quick, easy pins.”

Why you like DIY: “I don’t like spending a lot of money and I like doing things myself, so it’s a perfect match. It’s so empowering to find something you want and be able to make it instead of having to buy it.”

Why DIY is cool:  “I think it’s very cool to DIY. And the projects that are floating around the Internet are really cool, too. People’s views and crafts have both evolved so much over the years, it’s no surprise to me DIY is so popular.”

Click play below to hear Brittany and Taylor talk more about why the younger generation loves to create.


Pinterest wasn’t the first sharing website, but it took off. The timing was key. The economy took a nose dive and people wanted to recycle more.

You also heard both Brittany and Taylor talking about expression and individualism. Research shows we give items more value if we build them ourselves. Picture the child who proudly hands over a painting from school to mom or dad.

I find myself in the opposite place. I can make something my self and think it’s junk, but put the same thing in a store with a huge sticker price and I love it.

I’d love to hear your thought on the subject and see pictures of your projects!