Basements present many challenges, especially if you have children. The space is often used for leftover furniture and unused exercise equipment.

BeFunky_Beth4.jpgWhat a waste! One of my favorite basements is in the home of one of my best girlfriends.

Beth Hawkins and I met when we worked together at a television news station.

That’s Beth…. third from the right side. I’m on the right end.

I loved the basement right after she moved in. However, she recently took it to the next level.

I showed up at her home during a snowstorm and for a photo session AND an interview on her newly decorated basement.

Beth said, “The last time you were here it had my husband’s leather college furniture… or pleather I would say.”

The basement has a secret door!

Click play below to hear about the secret room in the basement… discovered after they bought the house and what it was used for in the mid-century.

The house was built in 1921. Hawkins wanted to keep the secret room the same, but update the rest of the basement.

She had several challenges. The gorgeous wooden stairs that spiral down from the main floor are narrow, so just finding furniture to fit down the staircase was a worry.

“When it came time to get new furniture, I really struggled with how to do it because it’s such an awkward space.”

Beth11Also, the room is rectangular with two entryways on one long wall. One door leads to the staircase. On the opposite end is a door that leads to the game room and bar (my favorite).

The short wall next to the game room entrance is for the large movie screen.

“I went against every bone in my body and broke down a hired a designer.”

Beth is always put together, her hair and makeup perfect and her wardrobe and home decor is filled with the latest trends.

Why would a woman like that need an interior decorator? Well… because she’s busy!!!

Beth can do a lot of things well, but nothing replaces the ability of a pro decorator who does it everyday.

The basement was especially important for the business woman and mother of twin baby boys.

She needed functional, safe, stylish and affordable.

“A lot of your listeners can relate to me in that I have a husband who follows me around with a calculator anywhere.”

She found a bargain at Luxe Furniture & Design. The store offers does offer expensive pieces, but….

“If you buy one thing from them, you get free design services.”

Beth let the designer know up front that she was working on a budget and they worked together to figure out solutions.

“The fabrics are thick. They’re really nice. They’re good quality. They clean up easily. This couch she designed for the room. It had to be a custom made piece because the room is just so tricky. But, you can take out a seat if you want and move things around.”


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The designer chose fabrics that could hold up to baby messes and her husband’s friends during a University of Kansas basketball game.

Another challenge in the room was the floor. Beth’s husband wanted dark carpet so the room would be pitch-black except big-screen.

“When we had her come over I said the only thing that stays is the navy carpet.”

Hawkins chose navy because it’s the closet color to KU blue.

“If you look around the room, the only thing that ties into the carpet are these pillows.”

The designer chose throw pillows with a navy stripe. The lime green in the pattern makes them pop.

If there’s one thing you take away from this blog post, I’d like you to remember that your still creative and fabulous if you hire a pro.

The right design and designer is even more important if you are a mother or father. Think about their safety… right?

Oh, speaking of safety, Beth has all of her big furniture pieces attached to the walls and floor with cables. It’s one less worry anyway. As for falling and hitting their head… there’s always a helmet!

Check out Beth’s videography and photography business. She does beautiful work. Stay tuned for my new DIY April picture on this blog.