Fake wood paneling haunts the walls of many homes in need of a little (or a lot) of DIY lovin.’

I might simply throw my hands up in the air and head to the nearest happy hour, but not Christina Rodriguez.

The blogger and business owner of My Diva by Design transformed a dark and drab rental home into a space that takes her from landlord to fairy rental godmother.


“It was so weird because I think the cabinets were made out of the paneling,” said Rodriguez.

The paneling was everywhere! Christina took the challenge head on after her first taste of transforming wall paneling with her grandmother.

“She didn’t like the color, so she painted it. And I always thought that was so smart, because you didn’t have to take it down.”

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You could take it down and put up sheetrock. You could also sand it, putty the crevices, sand it again, then primer and paint. Or, do what Christina did.


“That’s just way too much work. Just paint it and go with the cottage look.”

Rodriguez came up with a plan that comes very close to interior décor superhero. First, she picked just the right shade of sunshine and pastel heaven.

“I’ve never been a big yellow fan but that one room kind of changed my mind. I really liked it.”

The dark paneling needed a soft color.


“The good thing about that color is it’s a little bit of a hint of a gold color and when the sun would shine through in the evenings it just would glow in there. It’s just real pretty.”

Don’t forget about the paint finish. You don’t want flat. Christina says that’s too chalky on paneling. And high gloss looks… well, cheap. Or as Christina likes to say “inexpensive.”

“I say go with what you like and what you love. Choose what means something to you.”

Christina and I would love to see your paneling painted. Post a picture in the comment section!

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