I never knew what to call my style until a recent interview with the owner of The Design Shoppe.

Michelle Van Dam focuses on telling your story and what makes you an individual in your space.



During the conversation with Michelle, I figured out my story. I never knew what to call it, and I think you’ll feel the same after reading this post.

Michelle loves what’s called transitional decor.

She tells DIY April, “At my home it’s transitional I would say. I like to do really contemporary art with antiques and transitional pieces that are upholstered.”

Click below to hear Michelle describe transition decor, plus valuable advice on remodeling a bathroom.




One example is Michelle’s sofa with contemporary elements, like silver nail heads instead of brass.

“Transitional to me means that you are taking traditional elements, but then you’re pushing them more toward the contemporary-modern side. For someone who doesn’t want to go all out modern, they still feel comfortable with the traditional.”

If you’re like Michelle and I you love multiple styles. You may have important décor and furniture pieces handed down from family that you have stashed in the attic or throw-away room.



“I deal with that a lot… where people are like I just can’t get rid of it,” says Bond Van Dam. “I understand. I have pieces that I will never get rid of.”

Michelle put her design mind to work to combine old with new in her own home.

“I have an antique French bar, so it’s almost looks like a little armoire. But, you open it up and it’s completely mirrored on the inside and it’s lighted and that’s where I have all of my crystal.”

She added a modern piece of artwork on the wall to create contrast and a fantastic story for guests.

“I think you have classic pieces that it doesn’t matter what you put with them. You’re never going to get sick of them.”

Here’s a description of transitional décor from Lisa Frederick on Houzz.com:


What- Not too formal, not too fussy. Blends comfort and warmth with clean profiles and understated contemporary color.

Why- The style is the better of two worlds… familiar AND new.


Don’t know if this is your style? These words describe it:

  • Restful
  • Peaceful
  • Minimalist
  • Creamy white
  • Cotton
  • Soft
  • Masculine and feminine
  • Comfort
  • Contemporary
  • Simplicity
  • Sophistication