One phrase that drives DIYers crazy (like myself) when arranging home decor is “just mix and match.”

I finally got it recently while interviewing the owner of Main Street Interiors.

BeFunky_BA7When you first step inside Darren Phillips’ furniture and decor shop, everything looks perfectly selected and put into the perfect place.

Take a closer look and you’ll find an Asian wicker chair pulled up to a sturdy wooden farm table.


BeFunky_BA12On the wall nearby is a silver lion head next to an English family crest and cartouche.

I started the conversation with Phillips by asking why mix and match is a thing.

He said for the answer, you have to look into our history.

“Everybody wants the old European look and it took like 600 years of building up.”

Darren says the family members would die and leave the furniture to the next generation.

“Then, the next family would come in and put their stuff and it took a lot of time to build up. And that’s what we’re doing now…. immediate gratification now if that makes sense.”


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Now in the 20th Century, that style has carries over with our very own valuable heirlooms.

“Kind of modern. Kind of transitional. A little bit of old mixed with the new.”

The real trick is to keep the cozy feel. BeFunky_BA7

“Somebody told me you want it to feel like a big old hug when you come into a place.”

Think of it like a recipe. Cooking takes a wide variety of ingredients…. from common to the unexpected.

AUDIO: Click HERE to learn Darren’s cheap secret for refinishing furniture.

Below is a video from my friend’s house. She perfected the mix and match with everything from cowboy to an Asian feel.

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