There are so many arm knitting tutorials online. But, this is the best one, in my humble and friendly opinion. BeFunky_Carrie5.jpg

The easy to knit scarves became a huge craze last year. I’m just now getting on the crazy no needles train.

Remember, I’m not the expert in DIY. However, I sure do know how to track ’em down.

“I believe I picked up my first knitting needles when I was, maybe nine,” Carri Evert said. “My aunt, who is a master knitter, she taught me one summer.”

Carrie now teaches classes to knitting beginners online and at the local library. She also sells her knitting goodies at an upscale boutique.

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Here’s what Carrie says you’ll need to buy:

  •  Two skeins of “chunky” or “bulky” yarn

Oh, by the way, Carrie says kids really pick up arm knitting quickly in her classes. You might want to try it with your children on a rainy afternoon.

Click play below to hear more about Carrie’s story.


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You can also find her classes by clicking HERE.

Interested in looking at her items for sale? Click HERE for a link to the boutique.