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There’s a type of shopping experience that is really taking off in my area that you may be seeing as well. If not yet, then maybe soon.

Think… antique mall, but better, more modern with dozens of different artists filling rows and rows of booths on two stories of a charming street-front store. image

This particular quaint little shop sits on a Main Street that, within the last year, has come alive again in a town called Broken Arrow.

I just visited Southern Magnolia last weekend, and I can’t remember EVER having that much fun at a home décor store.

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Once you step inside the Southern Magnolia, you’ll need to take a few minutes to take it all in before you go any farther.

imageThe walls of the two-story shop are filled with one of a kind home décor finds.

More than 30 different vendors also fill each room/booth with merchandise.

There are so many fun things to buy that I can’t list them all here. You’ll just have to check out the pictures (links to buy online are below).

“It’s not just the rooms. This room, that we’re sitting in here in the front, is called the Magnolia Room,” said the owner’s daughter Grace Orcutt. “And there are china cabinets that vendors can rent out the space inside the china cabinets. There are columns with shelves that you can rent out that space.”

Shops like Southern Magnolia offer consumers a different experience from chain retail stores, including the ability to negotiate.

Some of the artists allow owner Greg Bridges up to ten percent! If you still aren’t happy with the price, Greg will call the vendor and propose your bid.

The price ranges from $1 to $2,000, although the big price tag is saved for two unique lamps from the 1800s.

Bridges separates himself from the other bigger stores by offering a bigger variety of merchandise AND services. image

“It’s a small like intimate gathering. But, for $99 you get four hours. And there is a kitchen,” said Orcutt.

The Rose Room is a rental space on the second story. Round tables sit on a beautiful wooden floor with recessed lighting and natural light shining through the glass pane wall that faces the store-front.

“The $99 includes the linens, the dishes. You can upgrade to like a tea party and have mismatched china.”

If you want a cookout theme, try the checkerboard tablecloth with blue metal tin plates.

Click HERE to find out more about renting the Rose Room.

Another option is to rent Greg’s vast vintage white milk glass collection. The plates, serving dishes and punch bowls would make any wedding planner shout with joy.


Click HERE to rent vintage milk glass collection for your special occasion.

Every Saturday you’ll find Jane greeting each customer with an enthusiastic and warm smile… maybe that’s because of the friendly atmosphere Mr. Bridges creates. BeFunky_Grace1.jpg

“He loves doing it,” said Jane. “He would not be doing anything else, I don’t think. And he knows the business. He knows pieces and, like I said, he helped me price a lot of this.”

Jane’s booth is a hard one to price. Many of Jane’s items are figurines she has collected throughout her lifetime. image


“We sold our house, so I’m downsizing and slowly. I’m bringing things up and replacing as is sells, emptying a lot of boxes.”

Greg also helps vendors sell on the internet. Jane recently sold one of her pieces to someone in China.





My favorite vendor at the Southern Magnolia is a seamstress (you’ll be hearing more about her in a future blog).

“She is a really good seamstress and knows the right colors and fabrics and designs to put together to make purses and bags and hot pot holders and oven mitts,” said Orcutt.

The owner has his own talent too. His amazing furniture is unlike anything I’ve seen, and refurnishing furniture is my passion.image

Greg has an eye for taking a piece of furniture and creating an entirely different piece of furniture… like the daybed that is now a bench.

Grace2I spent hours roaming around the boutique that was buzzing with customers delighted by the merchandise (and it was actually a slow day).

I need to go back, and back…. and back….



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