If you’ve ever shopped for a dog kennel, you’ve probably experienced sticker shock. Teeny, my Chug, weighs eight pounds and still I spent a few of my valuable bucks on a plain pink plastic crate.BeFunky_Kennel.jpg

Then, I saw Kristen Rockwood’s blog post at Studio 7 Interior Design.

“We got our dog about six years ago,” said Rockwood. “He is a part of the family.”

Someone with Kristen’s talent just doesn’t stop at the local farm supply or pet store and call it good.

“I looked on-line and I found out there was a lot of DIY projects.”

Kristen knew she HAD to figure out something to make everyone in the family happy. Her husband wanted his best friend right there with the rest of them and not tucked away in the laundry room or some other empty corner in the house. Kristen8

“I talked to a contractor about making me one, but he was going to charge me like $700.”

Next stop, http://www.Amazon.com.

“It was wooden particle board.  So, it wasn’t super great quality and it was disassembled.”

Kristen grabbed her tools and went into super-doggie designer mode.

“I took just this all brown espresso finish. I painted the metal part and just made it really contrasting and painted the hardware.”

The crate turned out beautifully. Kristen9

“It’s functional and my dog loves it in there. And I just have it as my end table.”

She spent around $150 on the kennel itself and added $15 in supplies.

Oh, and her husband loves it… something she sees quite often.

“Women hire me and their husbands are always a little apprehensive. And then it’s the husband’s who are posting it on Facebook and social media because they’re so happy with the results.”

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to the podcast with Kristen on a variety of decorating ideas.