This is a picture from a girlfriend’s new home. It’s not a bedroom (although it’s big enough and comes with a window). It’s her new closet on steroids.

Imagine being able to actually move around your closet with everything you own neatly displayed in full view. What a concept!BeFunky_Marla.jpg

I remember stuffing clothes into a small bedroom closet and trying to close the pullout doors.

Here’s another closet from another friend’s home. It’s about a story and a half tall and requires its own ladder. We all screamed with joy when she gave us the tour.

My closet is your typical walk-in and I’m fortunate to have one all to myself. That space brings both joy and frustration. I don’t want to know the amount of time I spend each year digging for what I need.

So, I contacted Simmons Homes to find out if the bigger closet is the new trend.

Closet3.jpg“I would say more than half. I would say 75-percent. I think people are drawn to bigger closets. And even if they don’t have the clothes to fit, to fill it,” Larrin Simmons, a designer with Simmons Homes, said. “I think just having that space and having a larger area to just maybe spread your articles out is appealing to our customers.”

I tracked the builder down for an interview after the closet at their Make-A-Wish home sparked my interest.

“We have an option. And that is our seasonal closet option. So, instead of putting your clothes away, and putting them up in the attic, that closet really serves a year-round function,” Simmons said.

The seasonal closet comes with a slew of options

“We have either two or three rods with a shelf at the top so it will accommodate a rod for shirts, a rod for paints. If you have longer garments, we have a wall with just one single rod and then shelving space up above.”

Real organization takes much more than the right rod at the right height.

“We also have what I would consider more of a shelving unit where it would accommodate shoes or accessories or sweaters.”

Closet2.jpgThe bigger closets are offered in large homes, to the first timers building a smaller house.

“We do offer the seasonal closet in some of our smaller products. So, really this is a trend that spans any type of buyer.”

Simmons said bright, clean and simple is what she sees for the colors and the rest of the decor.

There are several theories on why a bigger closet is now the trend.

“People see it on t.v. and they kind of want to live that luxurious lifestyle. And so, as a builder, we try and provide that for our customers,” said Simmons.

I also wonder if the change in lifestyle expectations has something to do with it. Both women and men are expected to be perfect at everything and have a wardrobe for every occasion.

Take your job for example, you may need a Monday through Thursday wardrobe, something for casual Friday and then, something that represents your company when out volunteering. There is also the occasional corporate trip, which may need a little more buttoned up style.

What about what you wear at the kids sporting events? It just goes on and on.

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The tile is by Shaw. It is called Emblem Brown, 6 x 24.

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