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Looking at websites for interior designers is very intimidating. Yes… they are beautiful AND way out of my budget.

This week we’re talking about interior designers for real people. I asked the taboo questions like… How much? And how little cash can you spend?

Terri Kerschen, owner of TLK Interiors, was very candid and kind.

Here’s how she describes her work on the website:

“Terri specializes in recreating your space – Whether it is a 1 Day Makeover or a Full Blown Redesign. She finds treasures in your home and reintroduces them into your new room design with style!”

Question #1

What is the best way to find an interior decorator who is right for your needs and budget?

“The majority of my clients come from my website. I also have a page out on Houzz,” Kerschen said. “Thumbtack is another service that customers can go to. I’m a Thumbtack provider. I’m also at HomeAdvisor and I’m with the Better Business Bureau.”

Question #2

What are some of the services you offer?

“We do a huge spectrum, all the way from a one day room makeover, to a full-blown renovation where we’ve gutted your kitchen and gutted your flooring,” Kerschen said. “Sometimes folks just need some help on paper. I spend a lot of time putting together design plans for folks.”

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Question #3

Is it expensive to hire an interior designer?

“I help them figure out what they can get done and stay within that window. I’ve done projects, lots of them, for under a $1,000,” Kerschen said. “If you wanted a design plan, just a written design plan, this would be several rooms… pictures and furniture options and accent options, window treatments, a color pallet, all of that in design plans is only $350. And with that, if they want to just take that and go from there that’s fine. If they want me to help them implement it, we can do that too.”

Question #4

What’s the first step in hiring an interior designer and does it cost anything?

“The first thing we do is get together, have a consultation and I like to do it in their home because I can see their space. We need to talk about what they want to do what their goals. What things they like what they don’t like. Who they are. How do they live in the space? Do they like to entertain or do they like to watch TV? Do they like to set around and play games with their kids? What do you like to do? Because at the end of the day, it’s really not about the design. It’s about them having a functional space that they feel good in.”

Question #5

What are some steps homeowners can take on their own to update their space regularly?

“Things that really date a home are window treatments and you don’t have to spend a tone of money. You really don’t,” Kerschen said. “An easy fix would be a nice change on an area rug or your light fixtures. That’s huge.”

Question #6

How do you know when your look is dated?

“The old white traverse rods with shears behind them,” Kerschen said. “You can have that same layered look with the sheers and the pinch pleat drapes, but put it on new hardware and add some rings. Get some hardware that compliments your furnishings and it looks brand new.”

Question #7

What’s the biggest issue that people want help with?

“The call I get more than anything? People have a hard time picking colors and they want to change their color pallet. Tulsa is just full of homes built in the late 70s and early 80s. So, it’s time to change that pallet. That’s another thing that really dates a home.”

Question #8

When choosing a color pallet, where do you begin?

“Find an inspiration piece. Find something that you absolutely love. I don’t care if it’s just a little vase or a dress that you have or a magazine that’s got a lot of color. Find an inspiration piece and we can build a pallet from there.”

That piece of advice is key. My latest inspiration is anything from Desigual… a colorful Spanish clothing designer.

Question #9

When arranging furniture, what are some of the things that people do wrong?

“One of the things is people have a tendency to line everything up on the walls, on all four walls. You don’t have to do that. Just because there is a wall doesn’t mean you have to put a piece of furniture on it,” Kerschen said. “The other thing, you mentioned it. Hanging artwork… if you hang it too low, or you hang it too low, it just throws the whole feel off.”

About Terri:

Teri is a former environmental engineer. After working for an oil company for years, she decided to totally change direction and do what she really loved…. interior design.

TLK Interiors is now a very successful company with several employees.

“Everyone needs to know that you can afford to live in a beautiful home, to live in a home that makes you feel good when you walked in,” Terri said. ” It doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to break the bank.”

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VIDEO: Click HERE to watch Terri’s interview on FOX23 about why hiring an interior decorator can be an affordable option.

VIDEO: Click HERE to watch Terri’s interview on FOX23 on how to decorate on a budget.

VIDEO: Click HERE to watch Terri’s interview on FOX23 on how to hire a decorator.