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In every interview I do with DIYers, there’s a surprise… something I could never have predicted.

Josh Stout is one phenomenal example. His story starts by accident.

Josh Stout ArtStout tells the DIY Nuru, “I kind of started this all by mistake. My daughter turned eleven. She was real artsy, loved to draw and color. So, I enrolled her in a painting class and I went with her the first night. That was three years ago.”

Stout was a carpenter… a tall, handsome, thin man with long hair, blue eyes and a talkative personality.

“It really just started out as a hobby. I’d only been painting about three months and I ran into a guy that was a director at a gallery. And I just happened to have a painting in my car and he saw it. He said hey you’re an artist. I’m looking for artists for my gallery.”

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to Josh Stout describe his DIY Nuru experience.

Stout’s artwork could definitely spark interest (even from the backseat of a car) because of the bright colors and swirls of movement on every piece. Josh

“This is a guy I met right here. His name is Lonnie and he approached me, called me and said hey I know you paint dancers. He said if you’re going to paint dancer you might as well paint me. He’s an awesome dancer so I went to his pow-wow.”

For those not familiar with the Native American pow-wow, the event honors their culture with singing and dancing.

“He’s actually a chicken dancer. So, you see these big feathers back here in the background. He has those on his back”

Josh3Stout starts with a sketch.

He says he can’t draw, but the sketches alone are a work of art.

Stout then moves on to painting the portrait and adds an abstract element to symbolize the unique movements he witnesses at the pow-wows.

“I love color and I love movement.”

Josh Stout ArtStout is part Cherokee and Chickasaw, but didn’t really become interested in the culture until he was an adult.

There’s something else I remember about meeting Josh and looking at his work at a street festival.

“I just want to do something colorful… fun. I love butterflies and turtles.”

You know what they say… real men paint pretty butterflies!

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