I had a vision for a project a few years ago that no one understood.

My friends and family thought I was nuts (ok maybe they still do). I thought about abandoning the idea. DON’T!

I didn’t and couldn’t be happier with the results.

This Ain't Your Grandma's CouchHere’s my story:

After papa died, I knew I would inherit one of his most valuable possessions…. the couch.

This isn’t JUST a couch for many reasons.

It’s a Flexsteel, a brand known for sturdy quality. Still, they don’t even make furniture like they used to.

Plus, this is the same couch where papa would sleep and cry for decades after re-living his days in World War II. Grandma would sleep on the floor while holding his hand. Papa didn’t tell grandma about the horrible images he replayed in his head until a couple of years before he died.

Also, I have amazing memories sitting on the couch from as far back as I can remember.

SO, when papa died, we sold most of their belongings in one weekend before we moved grandma into an assisted living complex.

Big D (dad) was stunned at how many people wanted to buy the old and ugly dark brown couch.

He didn’t understand why I wanted the very dated piece of furniture.

Then… a customer walked up and asked if the couch was for sale.Go Bold Or Go Home When It Comes To Furniture A Re-do

Big D said no… that’s for my daughter. I don’t know why she wants it but…

Well, that man happened to have a business re-upholstering furniture!

That didn’t convince my family and friends.

Whatever, I wasn’t about to let that stop me.

Next step… find a reputable company to re-cover the couch that wasn’t a rip off.

I went to the best company in town and right away found a fabric that I fell in love with…. red velvet with a swirl pattern.

Price tag… $1500. And the owners said don’t ever get rid of that couch. You can’t buy them that sturdy these days (I’m smiling at this point. Take that Big D).

Um, I loved the couch, but dang. I could buy a brand new couch for that.

I happened to remember the guy who wanted to buy the couch at the garage sale.

He lives in my small hometown of Independence, Kansas.

Around six months later, I called him and asked if we could meet.

I walked into his garage studio and the first piece of “designer” fabric I spotted was the red velvet with swirls.

Price tag… $750 for the fabric and the work.

I’m still doing the happy dance, although it was a little strange when I brought grandma to pick up the couch.

Oh, he also delivered the couch for $50, one state over.

Here’s the lesson, your creative mind is all your own and not everyone has vision. Example, Big D is brilliant… with numbers and business. But, he couldn’t see how beautiful this very special couch could be. And I think he likes the results.

Don’t ever, ever, let anyone else decide what you like. It’s yours. It’s your home and it’s your prerogative.

As I write this very blog, I sit on my beautiful and priceless red couch, with my little companion Teeny.

Every weekend I take time, in between the craziness of life, to nap and think about papa, grandma and the sacrifices they made in order for me to even be alive.


Papa’s Girl