Pearls Add Easy EleganceI’ve always loved pearls.

The pretty and perfectly round pieces make everything look better.

The picture (on the left) is a pedestal table next to my couch.

I think I got the strand of pearls (yes they are fake) at Hobby Lobby, but you could use your costume jewelry too.

The key is to make sure each pearl is butted up against the next.

The strands with string showing in between each pearl can look cheap.

For the adhesive, I used glue dots.. super easy and no mess.

Click here to see what to look for at Hobby Lobby.Pearls Add Easy Elegance

Plus, a box of 300 is $5, or $2.50 with their coupon available every day.

I pull up their website on my iPhone and the cashier gets the coupon number right there!

You can also use a glue gun, but I’m not a fan.

The pretty little table, I bought from a friend for $10.

You can often find them on CraigsList.

I added the pearls three years ago and they’re still hanging in there.

Be sure to press the pearls firmly to the glue.