The BF is so funny. If a tree needs a trim, or the grass needs cut, boy-howdy… he hops to it. The laundry at his house is always done (sometimes he even does mine).

But, a pathway to the house…. that’s a different story, one that takes years.No Path Progress

When we first started dating, the path still only had temporary bricks.

The plan was to build a better walkway after passing inspection. I finally talked him in to starting the remodel.

That was a couple of years ago. Fast forward to April 2014. The BF has completed a lot of work on the walkway, although you may not be able to find it.

Over the weekend Big D (my father) decided it was time to take the journey to the BF’s house.

No Path ProgressHe lives outside of town and it’s kinda hard to find.

Well, of course we HAD to pull up after a downpour AND Big D happens to be an expert in remodeling homes with his own hands.

So, when Big D didn’t have a path to get into the house, the BF got a teasing (and he handled it with grace).

Here’s the point: We all have our own version of the BF’s overgrown pathway.

There WILL be a day when the energy light bulb goes off and nothing will keep you from finishing.

Maybe a visit from your Big D?

Progress on the Path