I want you to do something for me… start noticing chairs when you go to stores and even offices. You might even be surprised to see the placement and that you’ve never noticed before.

Chair styles have come an incredibly long way since our parent’s days. They’re no longer just for seating around the table and next to the couch. Some are actually a work of art.

I have chairs on walls, chairs floating in a room, chairs in my bathroom, chairs in a corner, chairs in the yard next to trees……. and those are just a few ideas.

imageIf you have a large room, make it cozy by adding two chairs with a small table. I really love this in front of a fireplace.

I used this placement in the BF’s master bedroom, at the end of his bed in front of the large (ugh) flat screen.

The funniest chair story… I work in an outdated looking radio newsroom.

This ugly brown chair sat there unused for years. No one sat in it… ever. I ordered new chairs and tried to get the guys to take the chair home.

Chairs Added To Area Next To Beds... EasyNope…. no one wanted the old ugly brown chair. I took it home and placed it beside my bed and added throw pillows.

I now have an unused, very sturdy, retro chair.

When I showed the guys a pic, they said, “That’s the same chair?” Yeah, and it’s mine now.


Once you’ve thought about where you can place chairs in your home, think outside of the box like this antique dental chair.

Antique Dentist ChairHere’s another plus when decorating with chairs, it’s not permanent. If you don’t like it simply MOVE IT.

Plus, I’ve never seen a chair I didn’t like (except for the puffy reclining chairs that I call couple fight-starters).

Grab a chair. Sit on it. Look at it. Use it for an end table. Do what you want and send me the pictures!