Robin Howard JewelryI remember Aunt Robin selling her jewelry at my cheerleader garage sale in 1989.

My friends thought she was so cool.

Not long after that, she convinced Stein Mart and Dillard’s to sell her line.

She was busy with four children, sports and dance, and eventually… getting a Ph.D that she gave it up… until recently when my cousin decided to get involved in a cause.

Aunt Robin’s jewelry has changed a lot in more than two decades.

I just got this piece in the mail from momma today for my birthday.

My joy runs so much deeper than something bought from a chain store.

All of my life I’ve looked up to Aunt Robin for her strength.

Never, ever have I seen her uncomfortable or scared.

I even wear the old Estee Lauder scent she has worn my entire life (Azure).Azure by Estee Lauder

The smell makes me feel safe, like she’s right there with me. The scent soothes me.

Now, I can add another soothing layer with her updated line.

I promise to learn everything she knows so I can share with my DIYers the next time I visit her in the Deep South.

AND thank you momma. I love you too. But, that’s a different blog.