I want everyone to know one, single secret that I don’t find on social media or home television shows. At some time in your life, odds are you will need to paint a wall. Stick with me for 30 seconds here and you could save yourself a lot of time and extra hassle later.Wall Sample

Click HERE to listen to your friendly DIY April explain the technique.

This trick works great for stripes on walls, but you can use it on anything (I used this on my large painting too).

I learned this from a former family member (don’t ask). She painted walls of brand new homes for a high-end builder. The technique is incredibly simple and you will never again have to go back and touch up the paint.

Wall with TapeHere’s how to avoid paint seeping underneath painter’s tape.

The square (to the right) is my practice board.

Imagine it’s your wall and you’ve chosen gold as the main color.

Carefully add painter’s tape and secure by running fingers over inside edges.Add Primary Wall Color to Inside of Tape

The secret is to paint the background color (in this case gold) on the inside edge of the tape.

That way, the main wall color seeps through the holes where the tape hasn’t connected with the wall.

Once the main wall color is dry, add stripe color.

Add Stripe ColorYou can use this technique on anything you paint where you need a straight edge.

The trick works so well, that I got a little obsessed.

I painted large diamonds, from floor to ceiling, on my dining room and family room walls over… and over again in different colors.

I loved every minute. The technique was empowering, inexpensive and beautiful. I like to play a good audio book or album (are they still called albums?), grab a glass of wine and go deep into my thoughts.

1st Coat with No Seepage

One more simple tip: I like to take the tape off when the paint is still wet.

You have to be careful that you don’t make a mess. This way, the tape never gets a firm hold on the wall and take off the drywall.