DIY MirrorYou’ve seen the old oak oval mirrors that litter garage sales and Craig’s List.

I found mine at the BF’s house.

It’s one of the few items his ex-wife left for him.

The standing mirror wasn’t my style, but it is quality and I wanted to make it work.

I put the re-do off for about five years…. silly.

DIY MirrorThe mirror is so beautiful and it was so easy.

Here’s what you HAVE to do:

  • unscrew backing and legs
  • lightly sand wood to make sure paint sticks (always in direction of wood grain)

Here’s what you CAN do (the fun part)

  • pick matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss paint
  • use old lace curtains and spray-paint to create beautiful pattern (just lay and spray)
  • glue pearls or gems and cover with a glaze
  • stripe by using painter’s tape or paint pens

DIY Mirror